Timesheet Management Application

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Our Approach

Empower your team with the most powerful project management system tools to enhance the team’s productivity!

The Task Scheduling & Management Application developed by Primal Codes Technologies provides a seamless and flawless project management process to prioritize tasks to meet its deadlines, to schedule tasks, to keep track of employee work timing and efficiency. As we understand, each project has its own complexities and they are multi-faceted, Primal Codes develop solutions which have a deep understanding of project management tasks.

In the Task Scheduling & Management Application, Primal Codes has inculcated the real-time scenarios of day-to-day project tasks into the application to entail uninterrupted project workflows right from conception to completion. TP Group’s Task Management System assures clearing all their anticipated challenges and bottlenecks and in turn allows their team to deliver result-oriented outcomes within the estimated time and budget.


The Task Scheduling & Management Application has helped the management team of TP Group to get an overview of the tasks and monitor deadlines. It also has allowed the management to define the tasks, set the schedule, and identify the critical path for the project. It has helped the management to track their employees on the basis of their task status like ‘Not-started’, ‘In-progress’, ‘Taking Break’, ‘Completed’ and ‘Pending’. This helps in filtering the list of completed and pending tasks that are assigned to an employee.

We understand the complexities of the business owners and address them with our highly functional and actionable Task Scheduling & Management Application. The application allows TP Groups’ management team to plan, organize and monitor the progress of their projects throughout the project life cycle.

At Primal Codes, we design the ultimate Task Scheduling & Management Application to let your team monitor and optimize project workflows from start to finish.


  • Clear & Organized Plan
  • 360 Degree project management
  • Organized working for better productivity
  • Focused team building
  • Insures against project pitfalls
  • Help identify star performers
  • Track Work Flow & Timing
  • Efficient Task Scheduling




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Project info
  • Release Date: 20/09/2019
  • Client: TP Group
  • Category: Task Scheduling & Management Application
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