KM Store Multi-Vendor Multi-Region Online Store


Primal Codes has designed an E-Commerce site for a K M StoreTheir business model is based on customer service, reasonable pricing and keeping it unique. KM Store was looking to enter the market of e-commerce and wanted a website that showcases their shops/products while maintaining their brand image. They wanted their site to provide flexible delivery options, as well as maintain their reputable customer service on their online platform.

Our team developed a qualitative analysis of other e-commerce sites, which was a useful means of determining what elements we wanted to incorporate into the website design for K M Store, as well as confirming those which weren’t desirable. What became clear was that customers value the in-store shopping experiences due to convenience, customer assistance and being able to see the products they were buying in real life.

In order to replicate this experience, we ensured:

  • Each shop/product is represented with strong visual imagery, alongside helpful descriptions and information.
  • Great customer service is easily accessed throughout the site.
  • The online shopping experience is convenient in itself, with the site being well structured and organized.


K M Store wanted their website to be as understandable as possible for most people, especially their target users. In brief, the team listed some expectations of the website, of what it must and should do.

The website must:

  • Have clear ways of locating specific shops
  • Provide a landing page for each shop
  • Have an efficient way of purchasing one or more products from the shops
  • Steer costumers towards popular products
  • Establish the brand and its points of difference


The final design solution provides K M Store with a website that brings the shops/products of their page to life. Their website maintains a personalized and independent ‘brand image’, providing great customer service and flexible delivery options to their online customers.

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