International Cooperative Museum


International Cooperative Museum is a project of Karassery Bank, a fast growing cooperative bank in the State, which made indelible marks of innovation with commitment to the customers. International Cooperative Museum would be second Cooperative Museum in the World. The Bank intends to showcase the history of successful and remarkable achievements of cooperative movements, India and of course in Kerala.


  • Effectively serve multiple audiences with the right information, including families, teachers and researchers
  • To showcase the intervention of the cooperative movement in the history of humanity with special attention to India and Kerala
  • To enable audience to experience the world through art
  • Align with the museum’s long-term strategic objectives and leave room for future growth
  • Maximise exposure for the museum’s commercial activities, without compromising on the visitor experience
  • Enable donate options
  • To showcase India’s contribution to society


Designing the website that deliver information to thousands of people is always an exciting task. Even more when that information is related to the heritage and tradition of India.  Our challenge was to bring that tradition up to date and make it relative to people, students as well as researchers. The visitor consciously takes in the information the museum and its exhibits provide, but unconsciously also receives the way this information is presented to them. The balance is crucial to achieve the best possible experience.


The new site structure makes it straightforward for visitors to find important information and get drawn into exploring all update news about International Cooperative Museum’s collection, exhibitions, events, and more.

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