Project Background

Celekt Mobiles is the leading mobile stores of Hyderabad and has network of stores across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. Celekt Mobile showcases the latest technology and best deals to engage its customers. It has been designed based on various customer touch points such as convenience, access and connectivity, visibility, ease of navigation, and demand dynamics to deliver the ultimate mobile shopping experience. Besides featuring some of the finest and funkiest mobile phone accessories, Celekt Mobiles came up with a though of developing a gadget protection application for their beloved customers.

Our Approach

Primal Codes has developed Csafe, the gadget protection application for Celekt Mobiles. Before carrying on with the development procedures, we examined consumer experiences when purchasing a mobile phone or other gadgets. The research examined the attitudes and behaviors of consumers and the influence of any biases, which may have impacted on their ability to make informed decisions and confident claims on their gadget insurance.

Interestingly, when asked the customers to express their general level of satisfaction with the manner in which their complaint about their gadget insurance was handled with the application, we got all positive reviews, that they were very satisfied with the outcome.

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Project info
  • Release Date: 09/01/2019
  • Client: Celekt Gadgets LLP
  • Category: Online Insurance Management Application | Web | Android
  • Link: http://csafe.celekt.com/
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